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Control Panels: cPanel and Plesk

Drive great web traffic to your portal through VPS server

No matter whether you have an established company for web hosting services or just making a new entry in this field, web server’s control panel is the key to your online business. We possess two types of web panels: cPanel and Plesk. Both of them are highly crowd-pleasing when it comes to web hosting servers. There are various impeccable features of these two control panels that mesmerize the global users. Let’s see how:

  • 1. They help in website management where the components like domain name, database, backup system, mail system, FTP etc need to be managed.

  • 2. Highly compatible with various operating systems.

  • 3. Great security traits that include password protection system at various places.

  • 4. Antivirus and anti-spam services.

  • 5. Utmost safety and privacy of web services.

  • 6. High level authentication and firewall protection of web services.

  • 7. Availability of plug-in systems for configuration of add-on services.

What's Included With Our Servers

Choose Your OS

You get the liberty to choose your OS according to specific needs of business.

Automated Control Panel

We offer an automated control panel with a highly advanced and easy interface.

24/7 Phone & Email Support

Our customer support is seamless and highly responsive round the clock.

Domain Locking System

Block the unauthorized transfer of your domain with our foolproof domain locking.

Realise IPS Tags

Take complete control of your domain name for your company with IPS tags.

Whois Management

WHOIS protection managed by our experts for domain and hosting services.