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Cloud Database

Cloud database computing platform for business units

To increase the storage capacity of your business data and keep it secure, go for our Cloud database services where a separate platform is provided to store and manage the information. Relocating the physical database arrangement of your company to the cloud will not only simplify the procedure of getting all the information at one place through internal connections but also vanishes the chances of any data leakage to unidentified sources. To increase the productivity of your business and make everything perfectly managed, use your sharp acumen to choose our cloud database services. Some of the major benefits of opting for this database platform are given below:

  • 1. All the data storage is being managed by the service provider and the business owner need not to take any pain for privacy and security.

  • 2. It is highly cost effective as the manpower and IT infrastructure components of the company are being reduced.

  • 3. It offers high scalability, elasticity, customization and security of data.

What's Included With Our Servers

Choose Your OS

You get the liberty to choose your OS according to specific needs of business.

Automated Control Panel

We offer an automated control panel with a highly advanced and easy interface.

24/7 Phone & Email Support

Our customer support is seamless and highly responsive round the clock.

Domain Locking System

Block the unauthorized transfer of your domain with our foolproof domain locking.

Realise IPS Tags

Take complete control of your domain name for your company with IPS tags.

Whois Management

WHOIS protection managed by our experts for domain and hosting services.